I am Kell Baldwin

photographer and sometimes artist.

I picked up my first camera in 1998 while studying graphic design and was immediately hooked.  I soon realized I didn’t want to be a graphic designer. After thousands of rolls of film and years in the darkroom, I made it a profession in 2003 and eventually made the switch to digital in 2005.

My work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, and about every type of media you can think of covering everything from weddings to presidential elections.  So, basically, I’ve had a long career and I’ve done some stuff, might have even won an award or two along the way. That’s not what this site is about.  I have another site kellbaldwin.com if you’re looking to hire someone to shoot wedding or something photo business related.

This site is about the things I’m more passionate about.  There will be a lot of music photography. I have been involved with music since the very start of my career.  There will be fine art as well as more primitive forms of photography.  Don’t be surprised by a few things not photography related.