Just A Crush

6th January 2018


Body still looks pretty good

But it don’t run no more

And there’s still blood in the backseat

And them shoes that hooker wore.


(lyircs from the song “Just a Crush” from The Pine Box Boys)



Happy 2018

1st January 2018

I have been on somewhat of a photo hiatus for the winter.

Not intentional, just other things, thoughts, and plans.

Plenty of new ideas for the new year.

For one, I think I might become a professional pinhole photographer.

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Southern Gothic

16th November 2017

There is nothing exciting about an Interstate Highway,  so I bypass them whenever possible. I prefer the backroads and two-lane highways, small towns, and country roads.

I recently traveled the back roads through  Kentucky to arrive in Adams, Tennessee for The Southern Gothic Campout.

A small, somewhat intimate music festival put on by the folks at Muddy Roots Music.

If you weren’t there, you really missed something special.

Yes, it was cold. Put on a few extra layers.

The music, campfire jam sessions, and great BBQ more than made up for the temperature.

I didn’t take a lot of photos at this event like I normally do, I chose to listen and watch.

Sometimes you just have to be there.

James Hunnicutt
James Hunnicutt
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Little Stony Falls

27th October 2017


I have never understood landscape photography.

Got nothing against it, so don’t take that opening sentence the wrong way.

I mean personally I’ve never been able to wrap my head around how to photograph a landscape.

I’ve always admired great landscape photos, my attempts, although few, have been anything but mediocre.

I think it has to do with pace, it’s nature, it’s relaxing, take your time.

I’m used to dealing with the opposite.

I’m used to working with people, action, trying to capture a moment.

A landscape is none of those things.

I’ve never quite learned how to relax.

The Last Night at The Element.

13th October 2017



Tucked away in the small mountain town of Norton, Virginia was an unexpecting little nightclub known for hosting the occasional rock show called The Element Nightclub.  Sadly, like most things, venues come and go. As I write this another venue catering to a local music scene is gone, but it didn’t go with a final send-off. Bands local and from as far as Nashville, Tennessee came out and performed one hell of a final show.


Not everyone who reads this will care about The Element or understand why places like this are important. All your favorite musicians, all those huge rock stars at that whatever award show wouldn’t be where they are if some place like The Element didn’t give them a chance way back when. Think about that the next time you pay $300 to sit in a nosebleed seat in some arena somewhere, and then go out and support some local music.

A huge thank you and much respect go out to all those involved in The Element, and let’s hope the void left by your closing doesn’t stay open for long.